360 Video Production for Xbox

McCann asked us to collaborate on bringing the Xbox trailer for Dead Rising 4 to the next level of immersive experience with a stunning 360 video fly through of the outdoor installation.

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  • Client: Xbox

McCann asked us to collaborate on the 360 video production of the Xbox trailer for their new game – Dead Rising 4, to the next level. To do this, they built a unique stop frame animation trailer out of a series of Christmas light panels, installed at the outdoor Brunswick Shopping Plaza, which, when combined, told the story of a horde of man-eating zombies with a festive twist

We were asked to capture the installation through two films. The first was a cinematic Steadicam shot of the trailer sequence, and the second, a 360˚ video fly through which was needed for delivery in under 24hours time.

For the Steadicam shot, we used an Arri Alexa camera and zoom lens to create a beautiful cinematic look to help show the trailer in its best light.

The 360˚ film required a stabalised motorised vehicle to capture the series of light boards, live musicians, and a pair of undercover zombie-actors before a quick dash back to the office where the team worked through the night to get the 360 experience finished, and mixed at Clearcut Sound, before supplying for the launch.

Results: During the event, the film received over 1,000,000 live stream views and over the course of the campaign was viewed 3,052,095 times, creating a total of 5.7million impressions and a whole lot of buzz around the truly next level experience.



Brand:  XBOX

Agency: McCann

Production: Pebble Studios

Director: Johnny Brock

Producer: Sarah Inge

360 Editor & CG Designer: Johnny Johnson & Alex Parsons

Music/SFX: Clearcut Sound

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Location of Pebble Studios
Pebble Studios, The Frames, Unit 113, 1 Phipp Street, EC2A 4PS