VR Trailer for Time After Time

With ABC's new time-travel show set to air, we created a mind-blowing Virtual Reality experience to drive engagement with the show's trailer and premiere episode capturing the gritty details of Victorian London and present day NYC... A VR trailer like never before!
  • Client: ABC

We are very excited to announce Time After Time, our latest and greatest project in the creation of VR experience!

Created and produced for ABC Studios in LA, via Horizon Media, our VR creation is an early teaser for their new primetime show – Time After Time.

We were asked to create a VR trailer that would drive engagement with the shows trailer and premiere episode by creating a vividly real VFX & CG world where the story could come to life. With audiences able to immerse themselves into past and present day, our challenge was to realistically capture the infamous and evasive Jack the Ripper within our stunning and detailed environment!

We started the project by building a pre-visualisation of the animation, with wire frames of our environments to help bring the narrative to life. It was then off to Los Angeles to shoot Josh Bowman, the star of the show, on green screen – allowing us to later composite him into our CG environments.


With the rushes safely stored in our hand luggage, it was back to Pebble HQ to start the build of the experience. Our team of VFX artists and 3D animators set to work building our scenes in Cinema 4D and Arnold, creating fully animated 360deg 3D models of each environment – from 1800’s London streets, present day Times Square, a New York subway and a fully animating Time Machine!

Time After Time VR Trailer VFX breakdown

Time Mashine 2

With constant reference to real world imagery and meticulous craft throughout, we created a truly stunning photo-real VR experience that immersed the viewer into an exciting, engaging and thrilling world of ‘Time after Time’.

With a homepage takeover on Samsung Gear VR, organised by Horizon Media, we also created a 360 cube map of our Times Square scene, making the experience unmissable to potential viewers. The full experience is currently live in North America on the Samsung Gear VR with full spacial audio and we also created cut down, optimised versions of the experience for 360 video on YouTube and Facebook.

It’s still early days but, with over 500,000 views on facebook alone in the first 2 days,  we’re hoping that this unique and exciting promotion will create a massive audience for the show!



Brand: ABC

Agency: Horizon Media

Shoot Production: ABC Productions

VR Prod Co: Pebble Studios

VFX Shoot Supervisor: Matt Beveridge

Producer: Mark Witherow

VR & VFX Director: Toby Barnett

VFX Artists: Charlotte Walle, Toby Barnett

3D Animators: Davide Pilia, Freddie Horton

Compositing: Chris Ennis

Music/SFX: Clearcut Sound

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