TV spot for The Scottish Sun

In the festive preamble of 2017, Pulse Creative came to us with an irreverent and challenging new TV script aimed at showcasing a star-studded line-up of infants.
  • Client: The Scottish Sun

The Scottish Sun were planning to go live with 3 new radio stations and wanted a launch campaign that would have serious stand out impact among their audiences.

The idea was simple enough – showcase the new radio stations genres using pastiches of famous musicians through the ages.

The challenge? These pastiches would be created using real life babies… all working towards the the end line for the advert ‘New stations are born.’

We loved the idea from the off and saw some real potential to create a cute and humorous spot and knew exactly who to enlist to bring the script to life – Director, Nick Jones.

Following a number of initial meetings and treatments, the agency chose us and Nick to produce the advert.

With a few script adjustments, the agency settled on pastiches of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie & Sia, so we set about sourcing baby talent to play our eponymous stars and an incredibly talented costume designer to create the miniature outfits for our babies.

As per the script, the creatives at Pulse were keen for one continuous lateral camera movement through our maternity ward to show off our dapper and diapered babies.

As you may or may not know, working with babies can be rather problematic – they don’t take direction particularly well and are are fairly prone to sleeping or relieving themselves. Which isn’t ideal.

Therefore, we made sure that we would have back up babies attending the shoot just in case and developed a shoot plan that would allow for us cut between shots of the babies in their cribs, but still keep a fluid horizontal movement in the edit.

After a hugely enjoyable PPM, where we got to showcase our handmade baby costumes, we crossed the T’s and dotted the ’s and were ready for the shoot.

We shot our stars at an East London Studio in one day, with an early set prep and ample time allocated for coo’ing over the babies in their outfits.

We took multiple moving shots of the babies and their back ups and were lucky to get a number of runs where all the babies performed perfectly, even Sia with her miniature bespoke wig – making our job in post much simpler!

With some brilliant takes in the can, we headed back to Pebble HQ to start work on edit options for the final 20” spot. Working with our Director, Nick Jones, and creative talent from Pulse we presented 2 of our favourite edits to the client, with initial VFX treatment of Bowie’s lightning bolt face paint and Mercury’s moustache. Our first choice was the clear favourite, so we progressed to final edit and full VFX development and tracking.

From pre-production, we had been working with Toby Anderson to create the perfect sound track for our advert – mimicking the famous sounds of our pastiches to create one seamless, short-form track.

The final touches came from some subtle grading and well-timed sound effects from our friends at Clearcut Sound and then we were ready to present our final edit to the client.

Everyone was extremely happy with the final spot, so we completed our concluding preparations for supply to Adstream and Playout, with the ad going live on Scottish channels just after Christmas.




Client: The Scottish Sun

Agency: Pulse Creative

Creative: John Aitchison

Snr Account Director: Georgie Ambrose

Agency Producer: Betsy Kelly


Production company: Pebble Studios

Director: Nick Jones

DOP: Ben Butler

Exec Producer: Mark Witherow

Producer: Sarah Inge & Corrina Stegner

Production Assistant: Jenny Parkes

Editor: Nick Temple

VFX: Toby Barnett

Grade: Nadeem Ali

Music composer: Toby Anderson

Sound Mix: Clearcut Sound Studios

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