Taking Sony super fans on a social media treasure hunt that sent the Z3 launch into overdrive

Producing a film that gets over 500,000 views in four days is no easy feat - see how we created this online video that fueled the hype around the launch of the Sony Z3 handset.
  • Client: Sony Mobile


In recent years Sony Xperia had struggled to command market share against mobile megastars – Apple & Samsung. In the build up to the release of their most impressive handset yet, the Xperia Z3, Sony wanted to launch with a bang, briefing Pebble Studios to create a campaign that drove conversation and excitement amongst their core audience.


The top mobile manufacturers go to great lengths to protect their new device launches from leaks every year. Online chatter about new specifications, operating systems, screen size and colours are rife in the build up to launch events. And Sony super fans are no different – so rather than shy away from this, we stoked the social media fire with our film, littered with clues and riddles as to what the new features of the Z3 might be. Throughout the live action film, shot on 11 locations, the script and the animated countdown to launch, we hid numerous hints about the upcoming handset release and invited our audience to comment and get the rumour mill buzzing around what would be included on the new device.


The film went live across social media 3 days before the launch of the handset, delivering so much organic engagement that it had to be taken down from YouTube as it was attracting more attention than the product launch film!

Youtube: 500K + organic views in two days

“Pebble are a hugely valuable partner to have. Proactive, positive and a real pleasure to work with.”

 Lou Forbes

Marketing Director

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