We took Nexan’s prospective employees on an engaging interactive web experience

HODES reached out to Pebble, on behalf of their client Nexan's, the leading manufacturer of fibre optic cables. This is the full breakdown of the project, created through CGI, stock imagery and a one day greenscreen shoot.
  • Client: Nexan's
  • Project: 3D animation


HODES reached out to Pebble for creative production expertise, on behalf of their client Nexans, the leading  manufacturer of fibre optic cables. In recent years Nexans has struggled to attract the right talent, in part because cables seem inherently boring. Our challenge was to change perceptions of the cable making industry and raise awareness of Nexan’s as an employer in this field.

Pebble were fantastic to work with and we are very happy with how the project was executed. – Stuart Anthony, Senior Art Director, Hodes


Recruiting and hiring the right people is extremely important for any organization’s business, it is hard at the best of times, let alone when your target talent isn’t aware you exist. So rather than create a standard office guided walk through, we took the viewer to all the exciting locations Nexan’s cables are; inside an Airbus A380, a high-speed train through China, the Amazon, a surgery, a wind farm off Scotland and to the depths of the ocean in a submarine. We achieved all of this through CGI, stock imagery and a one day greenscreen shoot.

Once all the content was created, it was launched on a bespoke website where prospective employees could take the interactive tour. Travelling through 3D animated cables to each destination. Once the tour ended viewers were prompted to apply for their future career at Nexans.

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