2D Animation Video for Fever-Tree

We were challenged with creating an animation that raised malaria awareness, and which touched upon tonic water's anti-malarial properties, without sounding like a History Channel special!
  • Client: Fever-Tree

Teaming up with the charity Malaria No More, Fever-Tree planned to launch a campaign encouraging people to ‘raise a glass’ (G&T recommended, of course) across social media in a bid to end malaria.

Working to a tight timeline, we were challenged to create an animation that raised awareness of the continuing threat of malaria, and which touched upon the history of tonic water and its anti-malarial properties, without sounding like a History Channel special! Our first step was to create a script that would engage viewer’s interest and sympathy, while avoiding any ‘charity video’ clichés.

Fever Tree Thumb

We then set to work drawing up our storyboards, which focused on the idea of using a continuous horizontal movement throughout our video to reflect the chronology and pace of our story. While this proved to be a very effective narrative technique, it required a great deal of creative thought as to how we would transition between our key scenes without breaking from the video’s linear nature.

After making a few tweaks to our scamp storyboards, our talented illustrators used Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator to create entirely unique characters and environments for the brand’s 2D animation – including a rather charming illustrated Fever-Tree bottle!

Using a combination of After Effects and Cinema 4D, we brought our designs to life with carefully considered character animation and environmental details. We then spent time sourcing just the right music for our story, as well as finding a VO artist that could perfectly capture what we wanted to communicate and embodied the Fever-Tree brand.

Once we had added the finishing touches with bespoke sound effects and created subtitled localised versions, our video was ready for the campaign launch in April 2018, raising over £15,000 within just a few days of going live – cheers, Fever-Tree!



Client: Fever-Tree

Director: Vince Lawson, Ben Hyde-Hart & Laura Thompson

Creative Production Company: Pebble Studios

Creative Director: Matt Beveridge

CSD: Mark Witherow

Producer: Jenny Parkes

Animation Designer: Jon Foskett

Illustration: Jodie Lancaster

Script: Danny Cooke

Sound Studio: Clearcut Sound

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