Stop Frame Animation for Adidas

To help bring the spotlight to Adidas' new Tubular Shadow Shoe, we used stop frame animation and creative sound design to showcase on the Instagram Video Carousel format.
  • Client: Adidas

Making the most of the Instagram video carousel format, we used stop frame animation and creative sound design to help the new Adidas Tubular Shadow shoe stand out in the branded content crowd.

John Doe invited us to collaborate on an Instagram video carousel to support the release of the new Adidas Tubular Shadow shoe. The Content was part of the launch day activity and needed to take the Instagram carousel format to the next level.

Using 400+ product shots we captured in our studio, we created a series of short stop frame animation video clips, showing off the new shoe from all angles, and worked with the team at Clearcut Studios to created high energy sound bites to accompany each clip.

The Result? Viewer-stopping social content!



Brand: Adidas

Agency: John Doe

Prod Co: Pebble Studios

Director: Chris Ennis

Exec Producer: Johnny Brock

Producer: Sarah Inge

MGFX: Kim Taylor

Music/SFX: Clearcut Sound


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