We took music fans on an immersive 360° journey into the surrealist fantasy world of Mee & The Band!

See how we created this fantastical 360 music video for Mee & The Band's newest release 'Loving's Easy'!

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  • Client: Mee & The Band
  • Project: Virtual Reality, 360 Video Production


Following the success of the music video for their single ‘Eat Pierogi’, Mee & The Band wanted to take the video for their next release, ‘Loving’s Easy’, to a whole new level in 2018. But in such a cluttered market place, how do you make your music video stand out from the crowd?


Mee & The Band have a very unique look and sound, so we wanted to create a music video that celebrated this. Their fans largely consume music videos on content platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, so to add standout we wanted to create a 360 degree film, giving their audience a never been seen before insight into their weird and wonderful world. Working closely with Mee & The Band to make their vision a reality, we provided creative guidance, direction and equipment during pre-production and on set – which was certainly one of the more ‘colourful’ shoots we’ve ever been a part of!

When it came to post-production, after selecting the preferred shots from the day, we stitched together, edited and graded footage. We then composited shots within our 360° environment to create a kaleidoscopic effect, and to enhance the surrealist, dream-like nature of our immersive ‘Loving’s Easy’ world.


As well as garnering great interaction and comments from fans across social media, our 360° video was also the focus of a dedicated feature with Mee & The Band on London Live in November 2018 and an invitation to the Austin Film Festival in 2019!

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