Creating the world’s first 360 inter-dimensional scavenger hunt for Disney XD

See how we created this stunning 360 degree video for Disney XD! This is a breakdown of the 360 and animation work that was put into this project.

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  • Client: Disney XD
  • Project: 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Virtual Reality, 360 Video Production


Following the success of our DuckTales 360 campaign, Disney XD fans were screaming out for more. Disney XD took note and once again approached Pebble Studios looking to create an immersive campaign for ‘Star Vs The Forces of Evil’. An open brief, Disney wanted to create an experience that introduced a wide range of characters and environments from the show in a 360 format.

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on the Star 360 campaign! It is truly cool and amazing! I love it so much and so do the fans!Daron Nefcy, Show Creator


Given this brief was created by Disney Fans, we turned to them first to find out what makes them tick, what gets them excited and how we could immerse them deeper into the world of Star. We found that YouTube was by far the biggest channel for consuming content and over 80% played games online for 12 hours a week. With these fan insights we were confident that 360 was the right execution, however we wanted to build an additional layer of immersiveness to the visual story.

So we set about creating a script that took the audience on a 360 journey with Star as she attempted the ‘Quest Buy inter-dimensional scavenger hunt’, inviting the fans to join in too by seeing if they could spot the hidden items that were missed by Star. Not only did this fully answer the brief, giving our animation team the opportunity to flex their muscles with some heavy character and environment animation, but it was a hit with the fans – driving increased dwell time, interaction and engagement with the show.


Youtube: 1.25 million views

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