Whisking Bowmore whisky fans from around the world to the rugged Isle of Islay

See how we created this stunning 360 degree video for Bowmore! This is our full 360 and VR breakdown, sharing just how we managed it.

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  • Client: Bowmore
  • Project: 360 Video Production, Virtual Reality

The Challenge:

The distinct taste of a whisky is created by the environment in which it is distilled. As Islay’s first whiskey distillery, Bowmore pioneered the production of Scotch on this wet, wild and harsh Scottish Island. As the popularity of Scotch Whisky has risen over the years, Bowmore now has a global fanbase enjoying the product of this extreme environment. With an upcoming partnership with Airport Duty Frees – Bowmore’s agency, Bight Signals, approached Pebble Studios to create an experience that would bring the brand to life, driving engagement and sales beyond price promotions and POS.

Our Solution:

As avid whisky drinkers ourselves at Pebble Studios, we know that the more you appreciate and immerse yourself in the brand, the more enjoyment you derive from the drink. So we set about giving Bowmore’s audience the opportunity to experience the oldest distillery on Islay like never before, without leaving the airport lounge. By utilising state of the art Drone, Wire and Rover camera equipment and the impressive Samsung Gear VR headset we created the brands first Virtual Reality experience. Transporting their audience from the duty free to the rugged Isle of Islay, connecting them on a deeper level with the brand, it’s history and the production process via live action film, graphic overlays, interactive hotspots and the power of VR technology.


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