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We are a one-stop virtual reality shop, crafting a large variety of beautiful and immersive experiences across a wide range of sectors. At Pebble, we love nothing more than finding out how we can help immerse your audience in your virtual world, collaborating with you every step fo the way to craft a virtual reality experience that connects on an intimate level. Whether it’s a 360º experience set in the stormy highlands of Scotland or a futuristic expo – why just show your audience when you can take them there with VR. From very early development stages, we can advise on how to pitch VR to internal teams and guide you through the entire VR production process!

VR in Automotive

Stepping out of the showroom and into the real world, VR has quickly become a key way to showcase new technology in the automotive industry. Imagine offering customers the chance to test drive your latest model from the comfort of their own home, or even showcase future designs before they even hit the production line. We can create immersive VR experiences guaranteed to take your audience on the ride of their life, taking the industry to places it’s never been before.

Looking for extra inspiration? Read what our experts have to say about future developments of VR in automotive. 

VR in Property

Let’s talk about the potential of virtual reality real estate. You’re working on a new property development project but your investors want to see what it could look like when it’s finished? No problem.

Through 3D VR production, we can create fully immersive versions of your developments. Or, why not create personalised walkthroughs of your properties that are still being built? Or even customised virtual showhomes for consumers to try before they buy? There’s so much potential for VR in this sector, to get you thinking, here are a few extra thoughts on VR in property from our in-house experts.

VR in Travel

Travel is one of those things you have to experience for yourself. It’s about living in the moment, preferably somewhere warm – just you, your surroundings, and perhaps a cocktail or two.

As VR specialists, we can help you design and build any real or imagined immersive landscape, transporting your audience to anywhere in the world (or wherever else your fancy suggests). We take pride in building virtual worlds perfectly designed around your audiences’ consumer journey – to see for yourself, just have a play of our Bowmore VR experience.

VR in Music & Live VR

VR is the quickly becoming the new way to experience music. Forget trekking to obscure gig venues – we can work with you to create a virtual reality experience which will fully immerse your viewer/listener in the sound. Create exclusive live VR experiences and social virtual content for fans, offer a 360 tour of your stage, or live stream your music experience in stunning virtual reality to reach an ever-growing network of supporters in a new and exciting way. Seriously, why just listen when you can experience it!

VR in Sport

What if you could get the feeling of being right there with your team when they clinch victory in the final seconds, all from your comfiest armchair? What if you could experience the famous walk down the tunnel, sit side-by-side with the manager, or get a glimpse into the inaccessible lives of favourite star?

With our virtual reality services, the possibilities are endless. We can recreate all the excitement of live sport in an immersive, interactive environment. Able to bring any sport to life with unique live VR streaming opportunities, we take pride in our ability to blur boundaries to bring fans closer to the game they love than ever before.

VR in Advertising

Whether you’re looking to craft a unique brand experience or reward loyal customers, VR can add extra layers of engagement to your advertising. We can help you deepen engagement with your consumers through an immersive and emotive virtual reality experience, reaching customers who you might not ordinarily connect with. Or, another way to get intimate with your audience is to create a 360 experience that will impact your social audience, offering them a unique window into your message. For more info, here’s more from our experts on the future applications of VR in the world of advertising.

VR in Education

Finding new and exciting ways to bring education to life is becoming increasingly important as better and better tech emerges. Working hand in hand with you, we’ll go the extra mile to craft an immersive experience that will bring imaginations to life, transporting classrooms out of this world and into any number of others. 

Whether you’re looking to recreate the historic streets of Rome, dive inside a 3D anatomical model, or roam with the dinosaurs, we are the magic-school-bus that can help you take them there.  

Here’s a unique example of how VR in the classroom can be used to expand the horizons of kids imaginations!




Experiential Marketing: Hitting the challenges head on with VR experiences

To help you overcome the challenges of upcoming experiential events & campaigns, we’ve  put our VR experts on the case to offer you some vital tips and insights – covering VR experiences in relation to:

  • Longevity & engagement
  • Wider audience reach
  • Space & location restrictions
  • Measurability & ROI

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