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Social is everywhere and everything. To make an impact in this vast network, your social media marketing videos can’t be produced on a whim. It’s not just another promotional channel, it’s a direct conversation with your audience, and it needs to be relevant and engaging. Social is more personal than any other platform and offers a great opportunity for you to meet your audience exactly where they are. To produce an impactful social media video, you need to understand and capitalise on online trends and behaviours, customising the message and story to generate maximum effect at the granular level.


Creative Concept

Partnering with brands and agencies, our creative team will work with you from the outset to develop a killer creative concept before handling every stage of the video production process. Whether you’re looking for that perfect hashtag to set your campaign off, or an overarching theme to tie it all together, we’re on hand to help.


Social media video comes in all shapes and sizes; from short animated GIFs to viral live action shoots and everything in-between. Our team has had huge success in producing highly shareable social content, across the whole production spectrum, for some of the UK’s most recognised brands and agencies. Recently we’ve worked with Harvey Nichols, Actimel Kids, The RFU and Sony to name just a few.


When it comes to video, creating the content is only half of the task. You’ve also got to make sure your content is engaging and shareable across all the right platforms. This is where we come in. Finding the right audience can help take it to the next level and when it comes to deciding which channels and online platforms work best, we’ll help you target and navigate this online world. We’ll even work out what lingo they’re using, whether they’re an Instagram hero or Facebook fan, to help you tailor your content to each channel.



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