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Employing some of the UK’s most established and breakthrough directing and shooting talent, we’ve created some truly original films for brands such as L’Oreal, Hendricks, Sony, and Movember. Working across the media spectrum on everything from lean fast turnaround branded content, to 50-person plus TV commercials, our nimble but highly professional approach has given us the reputation as one of London’s leading video production companies.


Considered, upfront planning is one of the most important ingredients in delivering any knockout film. Our producers will lead you through the full production process; this includes budgets, storyboard development, pre-visualisation, script adjustments, sourcing and securing locations, props, cast members and costumes.


Utilising the wide range of directors in our little black book – from fresh, new talent to highly experienced industry stalwarts; we take pride in matching the perfect director to your film. Ranging from small camera op setups to full crew productions, shooting on Phantom’s, Arri Alexa’s, Red Epic’s or Canon 5D’s; we compile the perfect equipment for your budget and filming needs, producing the highest quality films for any screen.


When we’re fully satisfied with the shots we’ve taken, it’s back to the studio, where we go about crafting the raw footage into the final film. We start with a rough cut for approval, organising the captured footage into a ‘no frills’ working edit for sign off. With this approved, we then move onto VFX, motion tracking, Colour/Grading, VO and SFX required for the film, resulting in a perfectly formed final edit, formatted to your specific requirements and video needs.




Our Complete Guide On How To Plan The Perfect Shoot

To give you a boost up on the pre-production ladder and dazzle your clients or internal teams, we’ve swung together a handy little checklist of bits you’ll need to consider when planning the perfect film shoot.

In this guide we cover:

  • Sourcing a hotshot Director
  • Casting talent & securing the best crew
  • Developing a treatment
  • top insider’s tips

And much, much, more to really help you nail the film shoot planning process!

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