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Augmented reality enriches the world around us with new layers of creativity, knowledge and inspiration. Whether you’re looking for an augmented reality marketing or advertising campaign, a stunning AR app or experience, or you’re simply curious about the potential of AR for your brand, we’re here to make your vision a reality.

As specialists in all-things immersive tech, we’re always pushing ourselves to step beyond what’s possible in AR, VR & 360, to take our clients – and their audiences – to never before experienced places.

With the potential to connect the real and digital worlds in innovative, exciting ways, and with huge investment from the business world,  AR has quickly become the hot-ticket in immersive tech, offering brands the opportunity to engage and inspire audiences like never before.

AR Strategy & Implementation

From the first consultation, we’ll help you navigate this new reality to unleash its unique engagement potential for your brand – opening up new channels of connectivity and growth.

From AR apps to AR games and retail experiences, we’ll help you uncover the best strategy and implementation approach for your needs, guaranteeing maximum engagement and maximum ROI.

Once the opportunities have been unearthed, we’ll then work with you to develop a creative approach that inspires your audience like never before and smashes every objective.

AR Apps & Experiences

An AR experience can be anywhere, anytime. Making it a whole new proposition for brands. By allowing your audience to connect and interact with the real world in a whole new way, AR has opened up a new era of brand experience.

Transform anything. Interact with everything. Change your surroundings. Learn more than ever before. Whatever form it takes – AR is unforgettable. And our industry-leading creative team combined with our AR developers and industry experts are more than capable of unleashing the vast potential of augmented reality apps and experiences for your specific needs.

Augmented Reality Advertising

Augmented reality is the new stand-out brand engagement tool, helping brands tap into a new generation of hyper-connected, mobile-first consumers with more immersive and sharable experiences.

Compared with traditional, passive advertising, AR is more engaging, more memorable and more impactful, connecting your audience directly to the point of sale while offering end-to-end measurability.

AR is the future of advertising. And as the tech continues to improve, more and more brands are starting to see the direct benefits of AR brand experiences. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, AR might just be the thing you’ve been looking for.



Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital images onto the user’s perspective of the real world.

In most cases, the superimposed imagery can be directly interacted with via the device being used to conjure the augmented experience, creating a new realm of interaction between the device and the real world.



Unlike the full immersion of VR experiences, augmented reality aims to enhance the user’s perception of their real-world surroundings. This is the key difference between AR and VR.

Rather than placing the user in a 3D virtual environment, AR technology creates a new digital layer between the device and the world – or the device and the user (think Snapchat’s AR filters) – which can contain animated or holographic style 3d images, scientific or engineering models, data visualisations, or literally anything you can imagine.

To effectively overlay digital information onto the physical world, AR devices use specialised sensors to detect and understand the surrounding space.

To overlay images in a surrounding environment, the device will detect information about the space, taking in information about the relevant distances and surfaces to enable it to accurately superimpose information upon it.

For mobile photo AR applications such as Snapchat’s AR filters, an AR app will use facial recognition software to understand distances and contours to allow it to accurately track and interact with the face as it moves within the parameters of the screen.


As augmented reality technology has improved, it has found many interesting applications across many industries. Although augmented reality has existed for some time, the largest advancements in the industry were primarily driven forward by the introduction of Android and iOS smartphones (boasting GPS, powerful cameras and AR capabilities), which got the public excited about the potential of AR technology.

Since then, AR has become an important tool in many areas of the modern world, whether via handheld AR equipment or AR headsets.

Here’s a list of augmented reality’s key applications:

  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Games
  • Museums
  • Art & theatre
  • Product Demos
  • Controlled medical practise (Neurosurgery)
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Navigation
  • Tourism
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Military


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