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The popularity of 360 videos comes as no surprise – viewers are increasingly demanding more control over their content. 360 videos are an ideal immersive tool, allowing viewers literal control over the direction of their experience. These videos have the ability to transport us into the middle of a given scenario, evoking a genuine first-hand experience.

As audience expectations of engaging content continue to increase, and companies like Facebook and YouTube begin to utilise 360° technology more and more, the appetite for this type of format will only continue to grow.

In our London-based 360 film & VR studio, we have assembled a team of experts with specialities across virtual storytelling, 360 productions, post-production, VFX  and VR App development. Together, we offer you guidance through the whole process and help you determine the best way to create an active viewer experience that maximises brand engagement.

360 Concept Planning

360-degree videos provide a unique opportunity to take a viewer on a bespoke journey, but it takes careful upfront planning to take full advantage of its immersive capabilities. Our experience with 360º technology means we know what works and what doesn’t.

We can show you how to delight audiences and push the boundaries of immersive storytelling in 360º content. Whether you’re looking to film an experience, create a guided VR tour, develop a fully immersive ad, or craft something completely out of the box, we’re on hand to offer advice, experience, and creative expertise.

360 Video Location Recce & 360 film production

When creating a 360 film, particular attention needs to be paid to the environment in which it’s set. We can help source the perfect location for your shoot or adapt to the environment you’re looking to film – meaning viewers are taken on a seamless 360 journey.

If you’re looking for a fully immersive and interactive 360 experience we can shoot in stereoscopic 360 (3D 360), capture binaural sound or add binaural sound effects during the post-production process. We have experience in rigging wires, setting tracks and attaching 360 rigs to moving objects. All this careful preparation allows us to capture the most compelling footage for your video.

What’s more, our dedicated team are always taking on new challenges, so if you have an idea in mind, give us a buzz and we’ll happily talk it through with you.

360° Post-production and Stitching

Once we’ve got your 360 footage in the metaphorical can, it’s back to our studio for post-production and stitching. Here we grade the footage and edit the rushes to create a seamless 360-degree video.
To make your 360 film work even harder, our talented programmers can add additional interactive features to your video to further immerse viewers in your content. We can include motion graphic overlays to live-action footage or even create a fully animated 360 experience.




Everything you need to know about 360° videos

Since VR & 360 videos hit the mainstream, there’s been an explosion in all kinds of cool new content (some slightly more explosive than others).

However, with all new technologies, there are always pitfalls lurking beneath the surface, which, as an industry, we’ve learned to navigate along the way.

So, in this ever-changing virtual world, we thought we’d pull together a few hard-earned tips and tricks which are useful to consider when producing 360-degree videos.


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