Mark Witherow

Mark, one year at Pebble Studios

How I’ve found it so far…

Prior to joining the team here I had been working at a number of traditional ad agencies over the past 8 years, on everything from TVCs to Mobile app development. I thoroughly enjoyed working my way up through the ranks at these large agencies, learning the craft and cutting my teeth on some meaty global brands.

The skills I have accumulated over the years are thanks to these agencies and the fantastic training opportunities I was given with the IPA and MAA, and I will always be grateful to them for that. However, the part of the job I had always enjoyed the most and had a passion for was Moving Image – films, animation, VFX. And I wanted more.

I had been looking to move into Production for quite some time, but it was tricky to find exactly what I was looking for. Quality of output was obviously paramount, but in this industry of big egos it was also vital that the cultural dynamic was excellent too.

In Pebble Studios, I found just that – luckily I had worked with 3 of the employees at a previous agency, so knew the quality of work and culture was top notch. They still made me beat them at Table Tennis before giving me the job mind.

One year in and I haven’t looked back. Because of the size and experience of our team we provide speed and agility for our clients without sacrificing the creative output. And the collaborative nature of the company means we can all get stuck in at every part of the production process, from script writing & storyboarding to Animation and working with Directors on shoots.

There are no big egos here – just a group of great guys looking to produce the best possible work for their clients, and have a bit of fun along the way.

Liz Chai

Liz Chai

Originally heralding from sunny Australia, Liz has worked both agency side (at Leo Burnett and Pulse Creative) and now production. She's hugely passionate about creative content and has an infectious enthusiasm for the industry as a whole.

Content and Marketing Manager, Pebble Studios

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