Pebble Studios Showreel 2019

When we launched Pebble back in 2011 we wanted to build a company that offered our clients quality, agility and innovation in a rapidly expanding and evolving content market place. And whilst we have grown in size and specialisms, these founding principles have stayed at the core of our offering since we started, but the market place has certainly shifted – content has taken centre-stage, flooding our social channels and online platforms with advertising and branded video.

In such a cluttered digital landscape we believe that to achieve true standout and connection, an audience must interact with content not just be a passive viewer. And that’s why at Pebble we put the fan first, creating content experiences that inspire and captivate – helping ambitious brands and agencies connect deeper with their audience.

So, it is with great pleasure that we can share with you our brand new Pebble showreel.


A creative technology studio creating world-first content experiences for today’s tech-enabled customer.

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James Beveridge

James Beveridge

Before starting Pebble Studios in 2011, James spent six years at global creative agency Iris Worldwide, honing his skills and managerial capabilities across their experiential, social and sponsorship divisions. As the Managing Director of the business, James leads the development of Pebble’s positioning and constant service evolution. From its origins as a traditional production company, James has driven the development of Pebble into the creative technology studio that it is today. 

Co-founder, Pebble Studios

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