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Our top five animation films of 2017

Every year, a whole new host of animated masterpieces make their way onto the big (and small screens) across the globe – many met with high acclaim. And from colourful characters, to sweeping 3D landscapes and even animated paintings, this year has been no different.

The list of 2017 animation films is already looking amazing and the year is not over yet! As you can imagine, at Pebble we are super fans of all things animation, the list is long yet we thought we’d share with you our pick of the top 5 to watch out for this year. We hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as we do (or will do, when they all come out…)


1. Loving Vincent

At number one in our top five films, comes a genuine world first – in the first ever fully painted feature film. Using canvas as the base for animation, Directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman worked for 7 years straight to complete this hand painted film. From Van Gogh’s own point of view throughout the story, to flashbacks and re-enactments from his life, it explores the mystery that shrouds his death in 1890 and paints a bigger picture with animation.


2. Despicable Me 3

This film needs almost no explaining. If you’ve not seen yellow minions popping up everywhere, then you’ve been living in an animation-void for the last few years. With even more added despicability (we’re almost sure that’s a real word), Illumination are back with their third instalment of everyone’s favourite supervillain. There’s more 80’s, a dazzling array of hair textures and some beautifully quirky animation.


3. Coco

In another massive cross-over animation, the latest offering from Disney and Pixar puts a little extra life into the after life. ‘Coco’ is a spectacularly colourful compendium of character animation, that follows the story of a young boy called Miguel, who after a generation ban on music, dreams of becoming a famous musician. But in classic animated style, his wander into the world isn’t so straightforward, tumbling into the Land of the Dead. It’s a beautiful example of how colour and shading can bring a film to life (or after life, in this case).


4. Ferdinand

In another heartwarmingly animated tale, comes the story of Ferdinand, a bull with a big heart, mistaken for a wild and dangerous beast. Featuring the voice talents of Kate McKinnon, David Tennant and even John Cena, among others, it’s a delve into cute and cleverly crafted character animation that looks like it will leave you with some serious feels, from the folks over at 20th Century Fox.


5. Paddington 2

The last on our list, whilst not technically in 2017, still deserves a mention for quirky take on the classic that is Paddington – in the second of the films. Hitting the big screens next year, it’s a tumble into the bright colourful streets of London – full of well known faces, enough intrigue and adventure to shake a marmalade covered stick at and some text book bear / human animation work.

Whatever your animated preferences, there’s something this year for everyone and with such a strong roster of animations out, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next. In the mean time, if you’re thinking of crafting an animation or want to chat more about it, drop us a line.

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Amy Durrant

Amy Durrant

Amy is a copywriter and all round creative type at Pebble Studios. With bundles of agency experience at Karmarama and her past life as a music, technology and design journalist, she has a love for all things creative.

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